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Help Sarah & Wendy Coulter in their trip to Nigeria for a humanitarian mission

Two real estate agents, Sarah Coulter, along with her mother Wendy Coulter are both involved with Hands and Hearts International. Sarah and Wendy will be traveling in January, 2009 to Nigeria on a medical and humanitarian mission. Sarah's details of the mission:

"On our two-week trip, our team comprised of medical and non-medical volunteers, will focus on providing medical care, sustainable and entrepreneurial opportunities, along with educational information for student nurses and children. We will also provide HIV education for children and adults, along with medical assistance in the most under served African communities hit by the AIDS pandemic. Our medical team will see patients and provide medication for diseases including tuberculosis, malaria, yellow fever, typhoid, dysentery, and impetigo - all diseases that are easily prevented in countries like the US, but needlessly kill many impoverished Africans."

The website for Hands and Hearts International is There is a contact section there or if you would like to make a donation, you can let me know and I will put you in contact directly with Sarah or Wendy.

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