Developer Services

New Construction and New Conversions require a different set of skills than the regular market. Ed Jelinek and The Jelinek Group are not typical agents and we refuse to treat your project as any other project.

What We Offer:

  • Relationship with You, the Developer:

    • A working relationship with you throughout the entire process, from the initial conception & design phase through and beyond the last closing & punch list item
    • Bi-weekly on-site meetings during the construction phase to stay abreast of development progress & changes
    • Involvement during all stages of design & selections in order to assist in making decisions in line with current market trends
    • Superb communication consisting of continuous updates and feedback after showings, as well as follow-up with prospective buyers and agents
  • Marketing & Sales (in addition to our Seller Services):

    • Superior marketing materials created specifically for your individual project
    • A tactical and comprehensive marketing plan to optimize exposure to your target market
    • Direct market advice for the ever-changing markets to help you better position the sale of your project
    • Professionalism and enthusiasm in all showings
    • Knowledgeable understanding of construction details, allowing us to expertly handle buyers' questions and better explain the construction features that set you apart from your competition
  • Programs that Provide Services to Buyers & Their Agents to Build Your Reputation & Increase Your Long-Term Business:

    • Constant communication with buyers and/or agents to meet and exceed expectations
    • "Thank you" acknowledgement gifts to buyers and their agents after execution of a purchase contract
    • Post-closing follow-up with purchasers to solidify and maintain your reputation

We have a fantastic reputation with other agents built on years of experience and high sales volume. Let us put our experience, energy, and enthusiasm to work for you on your project.