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Why I Hate Real Estate Agents (and other serious items for the current market)

It's no secret that the market is moving in constantly changing directions that few have experienced. All of these changes and the differing media reports can lead to confusion and misinformation about much of our local market. With this in mind, I have started my blog site to attempt to address concerns that buyers or sellers may have about the current conditions and to provide advice based on the current conditions. None of us are predictors of the future, but certainly with enough experience, we can evaluate trends to help us plan. You are invited to post questions which I or other guest bloggers may respond to and hopefully together we can create an interesting blog site.

To be clear, I am starting this site with no defined boundaries or guidelines. My intention is to address real issues in today's market, as well as add pure fluff at times. All suggestions are welcome. If you have a comment or complaint about your current situation, feel free to post it here. Want to post why you hate real estate agents? Hey that's ok too. I can always learn from bad experiences. Want to make suggestions for doing something different? Always welcome.

I hope with this small start, we can begin a great site together that can be fun and actually worth checking in to and reading from time to time. It's up to me to try to keep things interesting, but I certainly will need help there. That's where you come in.

Type away!

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